Sun’s out… Input IN!

It is evident from my blog history that I am only able to write as the semesters wind down. Blogging just doesn’t make the cut during the weeks and months I’m trying to survive teaching and momming. I’m hoping to get organized this summer and attempt to use this blog as a sharing platform AS WELL as using it as a personal reflection platform. Anyway – I have a lot I want to write over the summer as I look back on the year… but thought I’d share this out today while people are still in school so you can use it or make something like it for your kids. We don’t live in an area that has a Spanish-speaking community near by and my kids don’t have a TON of flexible transportation options. So what can I do to get Spanish into their ears and eyes over the summer?

Here is a link to it on Google Slides that I used to design it – this way you can make your own copy and change the lingo (mine is VERY “me”) and change the links or Netflix suggestions if you’d like to.

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